Technical Staff Of Building Management Board

Technical Staff Of Building Management Board

Type: Full-time
Work location: Hanoi
Deadline submission: Expired




  • Manage, operate, maintain and maintain the entire technical system, monitor and maintain the building’s fire protection system, under the assignment of superiors (Chief Engineer, Assistant Chief Engineer, Technical Supervisor)
  • Daily check and monitor equipment to ensure that all systems including mechanical and electrical systems operate effectively and save energy.
  • Collaborate and work closely with colleagues and other departments to resolve customer requests and feedback on technical services that arise during operations.
  • Spirit of learning and exchanging experiences in warranty work for the company’s equipment and assets. Self-cultivation to improve knowledge and improve communication skills to communicate with customers.
  • Supervise contractors entering the building during installation or maintenance of building equipment.
  • Carry out installation, repair and maintenance of the building’s technical systems: electricity, water, lighting systems, cameras, refrigeration, fire protection,…
  • Monitor and periodically check the operating status of the building’s technical systems, honestly record a check-list of technical system parameters in the building to ensure the building is always in good operating condition.
  • Responsible for promptly reporting system errors during patrol and control to superiors for timely remediation.
  • Complete the assigned plan on time.




  • Intermediate School diploma, College degree or higher.


  • 2 years of experience working at building management boards or more
  • Priority is given to having experience in technical supervision of building management boards.


  • Understanding of electricity, water, mechanics, air conditioning and building automation systems.

Personal qualities: Exemplary and responsible personality at work.

WORKING LOCATION: 36 Hoang Cau, Dong Da, Hanoi

SALARY: Negotiable